featured5 - The 5 most pronounced short-term effects of alcohol abuse

The 5 most pronounced short-term effects of alcohol abuse

Alcohol is a commonly consumed substance around the world and many people who abuse it never actually realize that they are abusing it until it’s probably too late for them to beat the addiction on their own. One of the reasons for these is that people often don’t know the signs that are associated with alcohol abuse and will often treat them as normal behaviours associated with partying too much.

We hope to use this article to change that misconception by sharing the 5 most pronounced short-term effects of alcohol abuse.

1 Frequent blackouts

One of the common short-term effects of alcohol abuse is the experiencing of frequent blackouts when a person has drank too much and this often causes them to completely forget the events that transpired during the time they were drinking.

2 Alcohol poisoning

Alcohol poisoning will often occur when a person makes the mistake of drinking too much alcohol within a very short time frame whereby the body is not given sufficient time to metabolise the alcohol. This will often result in the depressing of most of the body’s functions and this in a number of occasions has resulted to a coma and even death.

3 Insomnia

Many people take alcohol because it acts as a very good antidepressant however when a person consumes too much of it, it will actually result in insomnia. When a person has consumed alcohol to a point that they can’t seem to be able to sleep then it’s a good indication that they are abusing the alcohol.


When a person drinks to a point that they can no longer control muscle movements that are meant to be voluntary, this is referred to as ataxia which is essentially a neurological problem.This is an indication that the person has consumed too much alcohol that the cerebellum, which is the section of the brain that controls body movement,has been impaired. This is a clear indication of alcohol abuse.

5 Legal troubles

When people consume too much alcohol, it tends to impair their good judgment and this will often result in them making bad decisions that can potentially put them in problems with the law. Some common legal problems associated with drinking include DUI, assault, and reckless endangerment, among others.

When these short term effects of alcohol abuse go unchecked, they will escalate with time and as the person develops full blown addiction, they will result in more grave effects. It’s therefore a good idea for you to immediately recommend rehabilitation the moment you notice such effects in someone close to you.

It’s the proliferation of drugs and substances among the poor populace in some of the underdeveloped nations in the Middle East and Asia that motivates organizations like Cambodia Trust, working through volunteers to engage in interventions aimed at fighting addiction through emphasizing on rehabilitation of addicts. We welcome you to share with us your experiences with drug, alcohol or substance abuse.

info2 - The 5 most pronounced short-term effects of alcohol abuse
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