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4 common therapies used during rehabilitation

One of the starting points to any addict getting help is getting them to admit that they indeed have a problem and they need help in finding a solution to it. This is usually the first step that rehabilitation seeks to achieve. Whichever addiction it is, through rehabilitation services, the addict will get access to a customized course of treatment based on their situation. Rehab is different than say a chiropractor in miami where someone else does the work for you. In Rehab, it’s about YOU doing the work.

Whereas different facilities will prefer using their own designed treatment regimen, whatever the case, they will fall under the four therapies that we seek to discuss below.

These are the 4 common therapies used during rehabilitation.

Individual therapy

21 - 4 common therapies used during rehabilitation

One of the most effective ways to assist an addict understand their problem and face it head on through one on one counseling sessions and this is what is usually done during an individual therapy session. Here, the rehabilitation facility will develop an individualized treatment regimen for the patient as they seek to address their addiction problem.

Group therapy

22 - 4 common therapies used during rehabilitation

Group therapy is often done to reinforce the individual therapy session at a rehabilitation facility. The logic behind group therapy is to bring together patients going through similar problems and giving them an opportunity to openly share because they can empathize. This open sharing is a very critical part of group therapy and it will contribute immensely to the patient’s recovery.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

23 - 4 common therapies used during rehabilitation

When attempting to treat an addiction, it’s always very important to help the addict understand their emotions as well as their thought processes that influence their decision making as this is very crucial as you seek to effect behavior change. This is the reason why counselors at rehabilitation facilities will often prefer the use of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Dialectical behavior therapy

24 - 4 common therapies used during rehabilitation

One of the reasons why patients in recovery from addition tend to relapse a lot is because they don’t have better coping mechanisms. This is what dialectical behavior therapy seeks to solve as through it, addicts in recovery are helped to develop stronger coping mechanisms by influencing their response to their thoughts.

It’s important to point out that it’s crucial for each of these therapies to be individualized for a specific patient because each of them has their own individual problems that drive them into addiction.

It’s the proliferation of drugs and substances among the poor populace in some of the underdeveloped nations in the Middle East and Asia that motivates organizations like Cambodia Trust, working through volunteers to engage in interventions aimed at fighting addiction through emphasizing on rehabilitation of addicts. We welcome you to share with us your experiences with drug, alcohol or substance abuse.

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