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3 ways volunteers can help victims of addiction

When an addict is done with rehabilitation, the difficult part is always the reintegration back into society because in many occasions, they have a lot of amends to make and this can be a stressful process that often contributes to them relapsing. When you are volunteer working in causes that involve rehabilitating drug addicts, it’s a good idea for you to be conversant with what they go through so that you will be able to empathize and even help them through the recovery process.

In this article, we are going to look at 3 ways volunteers can help victims of addiction.

1 Give them an opportunity to openly and honestly talk about their feelings

Making amends is very highly recommended for people recovering from addiction because they need the people they wronged to be able to forgive them so that they can reduce their guilt. As a volunteer it’s therefore important for you to find ways to create an environment where the individual will be able openly and honestly talk about their feelings with the people they wronged because of their addiction.

2 Help them not fall into old patterns

It’s always necessary to help a person in recovery discover new things to do that become their new routine therefore preventing them from falling into old patterns that led to their addiction. Therefore, as a volunteer working with such a person, it’s upon you to find creative activities that can be introduced in the person’s daily routine, which they will be able to even, do on their own once you are no longer around.

3 Encourage them to be open to self-forgiveness

Whereas it’s recommended that recovering addicts make amends to the people they wronged so that the can get forgiveness for their actions, the most important forgiveness they need is self-forgiveness. Many recovering addicts will end up relapsing because the guilt they feel from their past actions is too much to bear hence they go back to drugs to try and numb it. As a volunteer working with such a person on an almost daily basis, it’s very crucial that you constantly encourage them to be open to self-forgiveness.

As a volunteer, when you truly appreciate the opportunity you have been presented with to help a recovering addict have a clean slate to start their new life on, you will realize how important and fulfilling such an experience will be.

It’s the proliferation of drugs and substances among the poor populace in some of the underdeveloped nations in the Middle East and Asia that motivates organizations like Cambodia Trust, working through volunteers to engage in interventions aimed at fighting addiction through emphasizing on rehabilitation of addicts. We welcome you to share with us your experiences with drug, alcohol or substance abuse.

info3 - 3 ways volunteers can help victims of addiction
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