How to Make Your Holiday in Cambodia Extra Special – Marvelous Ideas to Try

Cambodia is an incredible country and it has all the elements required to make for a great vacation. The people are warm and friendly and much appreciated for their hospitality. There is so much to see and do in Cambodia that tourists often leave the country enamored.

Most travelers enjoy getting involved with the local culture and have a blast exploring Khmer ruins and temples. The capital Phnom Phen will have something for everyone from world-class museums, nature parks, and spectacular ruins to inexpensive eateries and traditional markets.

A holiday in Cambodia will provide tourists with plenty to keep them occupied and busy for weeks on end. There are lots of fantastic beaches and a variety of accommodation choices in Cambodia.

A popular destination for foreign tourists is Angkor Wat, which offers visitors a chance to travel back in time through its tunnels. Other popular destinations include the cities of Phnom Phen, Sihanoukville, and Siem Reap.

Cambodia’s major airports are in Phnom Phen and Sihanoukville and offer direct flights from most of the main countries. International visitors can fly into the country’s main cities of Phnom Phen and Sihanoukville and either catch a domestic or international flight to reach their accommodation.

Tourists can also visit the regional hubs at Kongsching, Mambino, Kompong Phluk, and Siem Reap. The national tourism bureau has released some stunning tourism deals for visitors to explore the country. They are ideal for families, couples, and groups of friends.

The Cambodia International Tourist Association has put together a series of tips for tourists intending to take a holiday in Cambodia. The association has also released some useful online information that will be of particular interest to families traveling to the country.

The first tip is to book your trip to the region well in advance. Tourism prices are significantly higher during the peak season (which runs from May through November) and you can expect to pay up to 50% more for the same holiday destination if you book it far in advance.

If you do not book well in advance then you may have to fly to Phnom Phen or Sihanoukville and then take a connecting flight to other destinations. This could be more costly than if you had booked your trip directly to the regional hubs in both Cambodia and Vietnam.

It is also likely that flights from cities closer to the region carry fewer cancellations than those from far away. The second tip is to avoid the most popular tourist areas. The most popular attractions in both Cambodia and Vietnam are in the capital cities.

Some of the attractions that are likely to be less crowded are also less expensive. Cambodia tours providers often recommend trips to the far south, but they generally cost more. Tour operators usually suggest avoiding Siem Reap and opting instead for destinations like Khmer, Nha Trang, and outside of Phnom Phen.

While tourists love the beaches in these areas, they are not as crowded and many visitors find the climate in Vietnam much nicer. Some holidaymakers mistakenly believe that they need to travel by plane to reach their holiday destination.

There are direct flights to Phnom Phen and Siem Reap, as well as indirect flights from other countries. There are also numerous bus services between Angkor Wat and Sihanoukville. By traveling via train, tourists can save a lot of money.

Finally, to truly experience everything that Cambodia has to offer, it is best to travel via a private tour operator. Not only do private operators have the experience to deal with the vagaries of the surrounding area, but they also know where the best dive sites are and how to get to them.

A private operator can also arrange for the most convenient time to visit all of the cultural landmarks in Cambodia. By taking a holiday in Cambodia, visitors are sure to come away with memories that last a lifetime.

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