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The 4 common symptoms of drug and substance abuse

When it comes to issues of drug, alcohol and substance abuse, it’s always important to be able to detect early whether a person is turning into an abuser, as early detection can help save them from becoming addicts. It’s therefore a good idea to learn what the telltale signs of abuse are so that you can be able to quickly notice them in a person.

In this article, we are going to look at the 4 common symptoms of drug and substance abuse.

A person is always getting into trouble because of drugs or alcohol

When you notice a person is getting to a point where they are always getting into trouble whether it’s at home, at school, at work or with the law because of drugs or alcohol then this is a clear sign that they are becoming abusers and are actually sinking into addiction.

A person still continues to drink or take drugs despite feeling bad about it

Drugs, alcohol and substance abuse tends to be an impulsive act that many people who are developing an addiction don’t give much thought to not until the craving has been satisfied. This is when they come to their senses and start feeling depressed because of their actions. However, when the craving kicks in, they still find themselves repeating the same thing. This is a clear indication that they are abusers.

A person is always nursing a hangover

Drugs, alcohol and other substances will always give the abuser a high which will often be followed by a low which is often referred to as a hangover. When you realize that a person is always trying to nurse a hangover, then it’s a clear indication that they are abusing some type of substance.

A person starts suffering from withdrawal symptoms

The moment you realize that whenever a person stays without using a drug, alcohol or another substance for a long period, they start developing withdrawal symptoms which include being restless, insomnia, trembling and so on, then it’s a clear sign that they have developed an addiction.

In the early stages, these symptoms may be subtle therefore almost unrecognizable but if you know what to look out for you will be able to identify them very easily.

It’s the proliferation of drugs and substances among the poor populace in some of the underdeveloped nations in the Middle East and Asia that motivates organizations like Cambodia Trust, working through volunteers to engage in interventions aimed at fighting addiction through emphasizing on rehabilitation of addicts. We welcome you to share with us your experiences with drug, alcohol or substance abuse.

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