Howdy! I’m John, a millennial traveler. Thank you for dropping by and learning about the treasures and beauty of Cambodia. My extreme passion for traveling led me to different and unique places around the world.

During one of my travels in South East Asia, I spent the most number of days in Cambodia. I found their culture and tradition very rich and their people are very welcoming and warm to tourists like me. My time in Cambodia made me fall in love with the country the more days that I was able to spend there.

Ever since I stepped foot in this mesmerizing country, I have come across multiple sceneries and views that left me in awe and the first thing that came to my mind is to share the wonders of Cambodia with everyone on the internet. I have met one most fascinating people and all the adventures and stories along the way made me create this blog.

I am ecstatic about making Cambodia known to my readers and I am hoping that visiting this country will become number one on your travel checklists. I also hope that you will come to appreciate and love their culture and way of living with the same love as I have for the country.